My dear great-nephews and great-nieces,

Although any member of my family may read this, this letter is addressed to the grandchildren of Vince Castiglione and Nancy Ursich Castiglione of Harbor City, CA, who are Vincent Hoobyar (born 2002) and Nina Hoobyar (born 2005); Josephine Bianchi (born 2010) and Natalie Bianchi (born 2011); and Sam Dikdan, San Pedro, CA (born 2007) and the twins: Vince Dikdan, San Pedro, CA (born 2009) and Tony Dikdan, San Pedro, CA (born 2009).

You do not know me. But I know all of you. At least I hear a lot about you guys from our family members. And although it seems odd to say this since we have not met, I love you all very much. The reason you do not know me is that I have been ousted and shunned by your grandparents, Vince and Nancy Castiglione, who, in turn, convinced your mothers (Tricia, Melissa, and Gina – who I love very much) to follow their mother’s lead and also disconnect from me. I miss your mother’s, and your fathers. The brief interactions I had with your dads, many years ago, showed them to be great guys. I miss knowing them too.

This entire mess was created by your grandmother, Nancy Castiglione, because I know a lot about some of the terrible things she did and I took measures to stop what I could. Most recently, I intervened to stop her financial mistreatment of my Aunt Alice. I think this caused your grandmother to be disgraced and humiliated with much of our extended family. This is why your side of the family dislikes me. It was a very emotional and difficult time. I have no regrets about taking the actions I did in successfully assisting my most-loving Aunt; I would do it again. (I do have all the supporting documents as well as a 10-page dossier laying out the misdeeds of your grandparents, in detail, over a 20-year period. I will give them to you if you wish so you will know the truth.) And, BTW, your parents had nothing to do with those misdeeds.

However – AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – we don’t need to “go there.” We don’t need to review that material. I suggest we forget it. I’m happy to reach out to you and get to know you as my nieces and nephews without that awful baggage.

I think of all of you often and wonder how you are doing; what course of studies you are undertaking; what are the things in life that excite you. I do know one thing for sure, you are all super wonderful people, and I am so looking forward to meeting you. I place this message here in hopes you will stumble across it.

Now, the next question I have for you …. may we go out to lunch and have a visit? I Would love doing this very much!

For now, be good, kind and loving, as I know you are.

With much love,

Uncle Jack.

PS: Ask your Aunt Barbara and Uncle Frank Castiglione, or your Aunt Shari and Uncle Anthony Vuoso for my phone, email, or address.